My first real family trip with my daughters and significant other was to Savannah, Georgia. We had a wonderful time on a long weekend. The weather was perfect – not too hot or cold and no rain. We were able to travel on budget and still enjoy River Street in downtown Savannah, as well as tour Tybee Island.

To make our stay comfortable and economical, we rented a two-bedroom apartment through Airbnb central to Tybee Island and Savannah. We didn’t have to worry about paying for parking, being cramped up in a tiny hotel room or ghosts! (Many of the hotels downtown are said to be haunted). We were able to have our own bathroom and the children had theirs. The kitchen was fairly large so we were able to cook if we wanted and able to keep any leftovers in the refrigerator, if we needed to.

The afternoon we arrived, we ate a late lunch at Tubby’s Seafood on River Street. It was a nice, fairly priced establishment attached to a hotel. It had televisions displaying the current games, a bar, family and outside seating. The menu had variety and the food was delicious.

After we had lunch then settled into our apartment, we went back to River Street to site see. We checked out all the various shops along the river. Took pictures of the beautiful Savannah River and all the huge cargo ships sailing up and down. We made a pit stop at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. There we entered a world of handcrafted sweets from toffee to pralines, fresh flavored popcorn, ice cream parlor, and candies sold by the pound! There were so many choices and heavenly smells, it was hard to choose what to buy. The Candy Kitchen was definitely one our places in Savannah.

In the evening, we took an hour and half fairy boat ride along the Savannah River on the Georgia Queen. We did not partake in the dinner option, but it was available. We learned about the River front area and got to see the sun set. As my children’s first boat ride, it made there day. Be sure to bring your coat, the breeze off of the river is a little chilly.

The next day of our family trip we went to Tybee Island which was about twenty minutes or less from where we were staying. We drove around a while to look at the beach homes and see what all was out there. Since we were expecting it to be too cold to swim, we did not bring our beach stuff. Big mistake! That will be something we do the next time we go. We did have breakfast at a small buffet and restaurant called Sunrise. The line was beginning to go out the door like a few of the other highly rated breakfast spots in Tybee. The food was good. The buffet was small but had a decent variety. Sunrise isn’t fancy, but it is suitable for a family. Since we weren’t beach ready, we headed back toward Savannah and took advantage of our AMC A-List perks to catch a movie.

After the movie, we went back to River Street, signed up for a trolley package that included a tour of the historical sites of Savannah and tickets to the Prohibition Museum. The trolly was fun for the children, though my nine-year-old got tired of it toward the end (too much sitting still). We got to see all the beautiful historic homes, parks, and monuments that fill Savannah. We hopped off at the Prohibition Museum to get souvenirs and tour. It was actually quite interesting and fun. We got to take lots of pictures of the wax figures and were even able to pose as gangsters with Muggsy Bogues and his crew. Much later that evening, we partook in the third part of our package, the Haunted Trolley ride. We were escorted by an eerily dressed conductor through the town. He told us tales of all the haunted hotels, factories, and homes in Savannah before abandoning us in an abandoned warehouse. A perfect fright before Halloween, but not too scary for the kiddos to enjoy. We ended our trip at the highly acclaimed Zunzi’s. It was recommended by the tour guides and has a high star rating. It is in a small store front and only has outdoor seating, but the food was magnificent. A blend between South African, Italian, Swiss and Dutch, these sandwiches and other café items are unique, tasty, and pocket friendly. The top-rated sandwiches are the Conquistador and the Godfather. Take note: They are spicy…they may not be the best menu item for the children. If you are lucky, you may receive a token for a free sandwich on your next visit, Shit Yeah!

It was our first, but not the last, family trip. Great fun, food, and lots of love.

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