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Every parent wishes they had the secret to quick and effective potty training. We try all kinds of methods and attempt to get the latest and greatest toilet training resources.  Sometimes none of those things work. Well, I’m here to tell you about my unconventional ways to potty train and how I did it with all 3 of my children by 10 months or less.

First things first! You have to understand that each child is different and will eventually master this process in their own time. However, we can shorten that time by sticking to a few simples rules.  The first rule is to ALWAYS be patient and understanding.  It is important to the process to not let your child(ren) see you upset. Which brings me to the next rule. Be STERN but not angry.  During the potty training stage your child has to understand they are loved, but they must also recognize you mean business! Now that the incidentals are out of the way, let’s talk about the methods to the madness of potty training!

learning patience while potty training

First, start with recognizing your child’s waste and excretion habits. 

 Knowing how long it takes them to use the bathroom after they have eaten or drank is the purpose.

Second, begin taking your child to the restroom every 15 to 30 minutes. 

The point here is to get your child use to being on the potty until it becomes second nature. 

Third, if the first method does not work with taking your child to the bathroom consistently, then move on to a reward system.

For the reward system, you want to make a big deal about them getting on the potty by giving your child praise with smiles, claps, or shouts (even if they have not actually used it).  Praising them in advance tends to prompt them into going.

Next, if your child isn’t an only child and has a sibling of the same sex, that’s a great opportunity to get the younger untrained child to mimic the older one. The younger child always wants to do what the bigger, older child wants to do. The older child helps them potty train while gaining a sense of leadership and accomplishment.

Last but not least, should method 1 or 2 work not work, we then go into what I consider “potty training boot camp”.

difficulty potty training calls for potty training boot camp

Potty training boot camp is the best method I have ever tried and proved successful; but it is not for the faint-of-heart parent.  Potty training boot camp is a compilation of methods 1 and 2 but with a very unconventional way of teaching toilet training. This requires not only time, but lots of patience you don’t even know you have lol. Nevertheless, it’s for a greater good and more money in your pockets too!

In order for this to work you must be diligent about keeping 15-30 min time increments for the consistency. This is so your child will have a routine. After getting the timing down packed, you must get your child to start saying “potty” until they are able to say I need to go to the potty or bathroom, whichever works!

Once they are on the timing routine and communicating, it’s now time to try out pull ups, diapers or cloth diapers. This is also a part of the beginning of them having independence. After some time you should now start to see that they are either attempting to use the potty with the diapers on or off while on the potty. Yes! I said while on the potty, this is absolutely normal. It happened with all three of my children and every other family or child of a friend I have tried this with.

Should you see little to no change in a CONSISTENT routine, the boot camp now kicks in. It is during this part of the boot camp that I have removed all source of clothing! This is why I explained the method is unconventional, but it works!!! Should little Johnny or little Suzzie not catch on to the easier methods, it is now time to remove their bottom layer of clothing. You may keep the shirt and lose the pants along with the diaper or no clothing at all. It is also now your obligation to be stern and either reward or take their most loved items or activities away. I know it seems harsh…But it is for the greater good of giving your child a sense of freedom and independence. It will also give you the confidence to face the harder challenges of raising children that is still to come!

rewarding successful potty training brings a smile to the child's face

I hope that this information is useful to all who reads it. Happy Potty Training! 

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