Essential workers everywhere are demanding hazardous pay, and rightfully so, for the risks they face each day that they go out to work in an attempt to keep themselves and the economy afloat. I’m with it. My question is, are us parents going to be included in that payout too, because honestly, being a parent and homeschooling my kids and working full-time during this pandemic is certainly hazardous to my health and everyone that I have to interact with.

Like I said in an earlier rant, I mean, post, I’m good at handling multiple “top-priority” contracts that require relatively significant levels of involvement at the same time. But all of this working from home, participating in meetings, teaching, and parenting (cooking, helping with virtual schooling, managing behavior, ensuring that my children also have quality time, etc.) has me ready to QUIT INDEFINITELY. And, again like I said in a previous post, if you’re one of those parents who does all of this without your eye involuntarily twitching every time you hear your child call you when you just left his side not two minutes ago or every time you hear an unexplainable crash in the room where your other child is supposed to be actively participating in virtual schooling, we think you’re super, but you already knew that so get out and leave the rest of us who are still trying to cope and figure this thing out to vent and cry into our wine glasses.

I’m tired and stressed, ladies and gentlemen. For me, virtual schooling (while being a full-time worker) sucks. Along with my work priorities, I also have to figure out how to minimize my children’s tv-watching, unproductive use of their tablets, and electronic gaming in order to ensure that learning is still taking place. I find myself caught in this constant balancing act without any additional supports, like more hours in a day (and let’s face it, who would want that right now anyway), to help me through. Dealing with my oldest, who is in 3rd grade, has been somewhat easy. He can read and is more mature, so he’s fairly independent and can pretty much manage his workload without too much assistance from me. The only thing that is frustrating to me is that I have to upload all of his work myself and constantly check about five different applications to make sure I stay informed of everything that needs to be completed. Can there not be a more seamless way on the part of the teachers/school to disseminate information and upload assignments???

On the other hand, my kindergartener is not as independent yet so he requires constant supervision and monitoring to ensure that he stays on track. I’m logging 12+ hours trying to manage my career and my children’s schooling in the midst of parenting. One of my close friends is the parent of a teenager, totally opposite experience—she has to practically beg her child to allow her to help. You know what, I’m envious of you parents who are in that boat. Get out (sorry I waited so late in this post to realize that…no I’m not, get out).

Overcoming this pandemic is like the dreaded group project. It sucks that we didn’t get to pick our partners, but (aside from everyone’s health’s sake in general) for the sake of the mental health of us working parents turned homeschool teachers, would everybody just PLEASE do their part so we can get this assignment over with. In the meantime, someone point me in the direction of where I can sign up for some hazard pay for my part as an essential worker.

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