DIY Easy Popper for Kids | New Year Eve Craft for Kids Dec. 29, 2017 Easy Kids Craft

Bring in the new year with this fun craft for the kiddos! From the creative minds of Easy Kids Craft (, these party poppers are a great way to celebrate.


2 Small plastic cups

2 Balloons

1 Glue stick

1 Tape

Assortment of fuzz balls and decorative shapes



  1. Cut bottom off of plastic cups using scissors
  2. Tie end of each balloon into a knot
  3. Cut ¼ in. (0.65 cm) off the top of the balloons
  4. Stretch open end of the balloon around the bottom of the cup (pull up about ½ in. (1.30 cm), then tape around the entire seam of the balloon
  5. Glue decorative shapes around the plastic cup
  6. Insert fuzz balls into each plastic cup

To operate poppers pull on the tied end of the balloon and release the fun!

New Years celebration
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