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This is how I made my first $100K with Upwork…
When I first signed up for Upwork.com, the “connects” (connects are credits needed to bid on a project) were free and everyone was given 60 free connects a month. Now they charge $0.15/connect.
My first project was a low paying project. It was a project that took me 20 minutes to do and only paid $5. I wasn’t pleased with the $5 project; but looking back at it now, I’m extremely happy that I did it.
What I didn’t know was, most companies look for previous history when hiring someone to work on their project. It doesn’t matter how much you were paid. In addition, after each project, you are rated by the client.
After I completed my first contract, I continued to apply for as many projects as possible, BUT I asked for a lower rate. I bid on projects asking for $15/hr, $18/hr, etc. My goal was to low ball everyone else to guarantee that I got the contract. To me it balanced out because the projects were long term. I started to get more contracts by using this method.
Second, I changed my profile rate to $40/hr. The more work I completed, the better ratings I received. Therefore when clients posted jobs, I appeared in the top list of candidates and clients contacted me. NOTE: When clients contact you by looking at your profile, they usually pay you the rate that you have posted.
It was slow to start off; but the more I worked, the more contracts came. There was a point where I had so many contracts that I couldn’t do the jobs by myself.
The last method you can use now – since Upwork charges for connects – is to buy their Plus Plan. Their Plus Plan is $14.99/month. You get the  following: 70 Connects/month, your profile will never be set to hidden due to inactivity, setting to keep your earnings confidential, view competitor bids for any job (therefore you can utilize method 2 to get the project), and you can customize your profile URL.
Upwork has been really good to me! I hope it can be as good to you or better!

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